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Search your own documents using a full sentence query

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Review matches with conceptually similar sentences

A “no brainer” solution for an infinite number of legal needs

Knowledge Management

Search for concepts in your own brief bank or personal document management system.


Input a contract term using one phrases and instantly pull up the same term in other contracts, even if phrased differently.


Add conceptual search to your current discovery workflow, or find relevant content within your own collection.


Quickly find the testimony you need, without having to remember the exact words the witness used.

Litigation record

Effortlessly find whatever information or documents you need in a pending litigation.

Prior art

Upload the patents and articles and quickly find specific language to help invalidate a patent-in-suit.

Getting started with WeSearch is as easy as 1-2-3

Just add documents and WeSearch does the rest.

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Upload the documents you want to search (PDF, Microsoft Word and text files work best)

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WeSearch analyzes your files in order to understand the underlying concepts

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Search your documents using A.I.-based, concept matching

How is WeSearch different?

Traditional tools, whether in e-discovery, file management, or case management, all leave you at the mercy of keyword search. Unless you can remember the exact wording in a document, it is difficult to find what you need quickly. With WeSearch, you can finally escape the prison of the keyword. By leveraging a breakthrough in artificial intelligence called a transformer-based neural net, WeSearch matches your queries by concept rather than by literal keyword.

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WeSearch was created by Casetext, the #1 rated legal research company trusted by over 7,500 firms of all sizes.

Every document uploaded is protected by the same bank-level security trusted by over 40% of the top 100 law firms in the country.

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What attorneys are saying about WeSearch

Wesearch was a no brainer for me. I use it to search document productions, and the artificial intelligence search is just awesome. I love WeSearch!”

Marshall Keller
Keller Law Firm. P.C.

Wesearch has been extremely helpful to me when drafting briefs. It lets me find what I need in my files without having to remember the exact words. There is nothing else like it out there.”

Karen Steele
Attorney at Law

“I used Wesearch on my database of briefs. The artificial intelligence search works great and saves me a lot of time."

Nick Larry
Nick Larry Law LLC

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